** My apologies to British Naturism **
and their members

I wrongly thought BN were trying to promote
Naturism and the Naked Lifestyle.


As requested by BN.

I have removed the link to an old 2011 issue of the BN Magazine and the link to their website. But I find it strange that I can type ‘British Naturism’ into almost any search engine and the same link will come up.

I used to leave my paid for magazines on my living room table allowing my friends, colleagues and other visitors to read them. I realise now that as they haven't paid for them, it must also infringe copyright and piracy laws.

This is a great pity as a lot of these people found them interesting and subsequently joined clubs.

Perhaps the general public
should be allowed to read the magazine

A picture of me relaxing on a beach appeared in an old issue, though I was clearly recognisable I did not mind, in fact I was rather proud of it and showed it around to all my mates not realising it was against copyright.

I do not understand people who agree to have their pictures published in a magazine, then object to them being viewed by people they do not know.

It is very naïve of them to think that because a magazine is not for general issue to the public and the circulation is restricted, that it will not be seen. Magazines get shown to friends, relatives and workmates. Sometimes they even get thrown and dust-persons may read them. There are many thousands of other ways the general public will get to read the magazine.

If you do not wish your pictures to be seen

Normal service will resume shortly

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